Club Policies

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As a club LGDA have set standard that we want to adhere to. This will show the girls the importance of timing, respect, working together as a team and discipline.


We expect high standards of behaviour from our girls and ask parents to support us in this. We fully support the FA Respect code and it is a condition of girl’s joining the club that their parents or carers agree to abide by our code of conduct. Any action which brings the reputation of the club into question or constitutes a threat towards or a lack of respect for coaches, players, match officials, the opposition teams or any person involved in the running of the club or the competitions in which it is playing, will be treated with the utmost seriousness.

Not only will the parents be reported to the League and the Herts FA, but you (as a parent) will be asked to bring your daughter to their match and then leave them at the premises whilst the match is played. You will then be able to collect your daughter afterwards. Refusal to agree to this request will then result in your daughter being suspended from the club.

Any player disrupting a training session, or misbehaving at a match, will be dropped for the following game.



If a player receives any fines for misconduct or needs to appear before any disciplinary hearing from any football association, the member undertakes to reimburse the club for those fines and to attend such hearings.



Please be aware of the commitment required:

Players are expected to commit to regular punctual attendance to twice weekly training sessions and weekend matches.

Football is a team sport and absences can cause huge problems for the coach and the rest of the team. Insufficient players may even result in a game being forfeited.

We build up skills in training that are based on previously learnt skills so if a player consistently misses coaching sessions this may leave them behind their other team mates

Players missing a coaching session, or match without prior notice may not be selected for the next game. Players are expected to train with their team, absence due to third party training, other than school, is unacceptable. Prior notice is at least 24 hours.

If a player is unable to attend a training session due to illness or an emergency their coach should be informed as soon as possible.

On training days players should be signed in and by the pitches ready for training at least 5 minutes prior to the starting time. On match days players should be ready in their match kits ready to start their warm ups 5 minutes prior to the meeting up time given.

If a player has not been signed in and out on the registration sheet at training by their parent/guardian this will be treated as an absence.



All kit and equipment remains the property of the club and will be returned on demand. Members agree to reimburse the club in the event of any loss or damage.

Players are to wear full team kit to matches and training kit to coaching sessions or they will not be permitted to play or train.

Players must not wear anything that is dangerous to her or another player, including any kind of jewellery such as earrings and watches. This rule also applies to glasses which are a risk for eye injuries.

Please insure the players have a bottle of water with them at every training session (no energy drinks).



Any parent/guardian wishing to communicate with a coach or other member of staff should do so only via their official LGDA email account or the Whatsapp group. Please do not contact coaches for 24 hours after a match.



Refrain from making any negative comments on social media towards LGDA, its coaches and players:

Avoid posting, emailing or texting anything that is hurtful, insulting, offensive, abusive, threatening or racist in relation to the management and operation of the club, club officials, players, opposition team members and or any family of those mentioned.

Any reports of cyberbullying and other technology misuses will be investigated fully and may result in notification to the police where LGDA are obliged to do so. Sanctions may include, but are not limited to suspension or banning from LGDA.

By joining the club you are agreeing to allow your child to be photographed while playing, training or undertaking any other activity with the club.  The club may from time to time, ask photographers to take photos of the players.  Photos and video taken by a photographer for the club, by parents, or by anyone else may by displayed on the club’s web site and may be used by the club for publicity or other purposes related to the operation of the club.  This policy is operated in accordance with FA guidelines.



Please applaud good play, from whatever team it comes from.

No coaching from the side-lines. Although, parents may mean well and want the players to have a good game and improved performance, coaching from the side-lines actually works against these outcomes to the detriment of the player:

Kids play soccer because it is fun. Parents’ screaming at kids is not fun - not for your daughter, not for your daughter’s teammates, and not for the coach. Yelling at players to run faster, shoot better, and try to score isn’t coaching - it’s pointing out the obvious and it isn’t helping anyone

After years of watching their children play, some parents believe they understand the best choice for their players and the team, but this often isn’t true. As professional coaches, it is our responsibility to make strategic choices for the team. When parents tell their players to do something differently, this works against the team’s goals, which have been set by a professional. Coaching should be left to the professional. Failing to do so will confuse the kids and result in a less-than-ideal outcome.

Parents are often not present for team practices, game warm-ups, and pre-game instruction. Missing out on this time means that parents are often unaware of the tactical plan, which we develop with careful consideration of our team’s strengths, the opposing team’s weaknesses, and many other factors. Coaching from the side-lines will very likely contradict our pre-determined tactics.

When parents coach from the side-lines, the players don’t know who to listen to. This confuses everyone and undermines the tactical strategy.



We understand that all parents love and care for their children, and want only the best for them. We understand that parents are excited about their player’s individual development and want the team to play well. Parents coach, cheer, and yell from the side-lines because they want to be involved in this exciting experience and want their children to perform well.

As well intended as this is, this is not in the best interest of your child or the team.



The club is run by volunteers and the actual cost per player to the club per year is in excess of the fees charged so we do rely on sponsorship and fundraising during the year. We ask that parents/guardians commit to volunteering for 2 hours a year by helping out at events such as our football tournaments.